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Nurturing the Tree of Life

Our Research Implications for

Justice and Freedom

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This South African symbol of Justice and Freedom issues from nature’s foundational and spiritual ground which acknowledges coequal regard for Blacks and Whites, males and females, children and adults—all nurtured and sustained ongoingly by this Tree of Life.

The viability of this Tree of Life depends on our capacity to establish and maintain its unrepresented deep root system of policies and practices that promote Justice (Equitable Outcomes) and Freedom (Fair Access to our Nation’s Fountains of Opportunity) across seasons favourable to hostile. This deep root system of policies and practices is consonant with aspirations of sacred (Biblical), secular (U.S. Constitution), and cultural (Kwanzaa Principles) texts which equally stress the sanctity of all human life. Foundationally, then, our policies and practices are designed to normalize and celebrate the humanity of all—Blacks and Whites, males and females, children and adults. Subsequently, we will introduce our system of interventions—Justice ACED policies and practices offered by Justice ACED Academy—that nurture and sustain root integrity in environments favourable to hostile. Under this appropriation requiring training and certification, we enable Justice and Freedom in good times and bad. We therefore regard ourselves as Cultural Arborists—creative root specialists. 

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